Sunday, July 5, 2009


How American society treats piercings, especially facial piercings, is bizarre and amazing to me. Today someone said to me "you are such a beautiful girl, I can't believe you done went and put all them holes in your face. I got a sister-in-law what done that, and now she's covered with scars. You's just so beautiful, I can't believe you done that." Good job, bitch. Way to mask your cheap stab at me with a fake copliment. And, since I'm at work all I can do it tell her it's a personal decision, when all I want to do is tell her it's none of her god-damn business what I do with my face, and if she really thinks I'm so beautiful then she wouldn't make such a shitty comment. Oh, and at least I still have all my teeth, bitch.

I can't really help that I love my piercings and I love my face, and I'm very happy with myself, so I suppose that is all that matters. And, also, you gotta expect a little criticism, but it's my blog, I can bitch if I want. I also want to take a little time to dispell a myth, although anyone who would read this probably has/ knows about piercings, anyway. If you have a facial piercing, or stretched lobes, you are not in constant pain. I don't know how many times people have asked me if I'm hurting. Do you people really think that, or is that the most clever remark they can come up with? Yes, I love my piercings so much that I live in pain every day of my life so that I can have them. No, actually, I just love to be in pain, I'm sadistic like that. That's why I have all the piercings, I love pain. The bigger my lobes get, the more pain I can be in. Bring it!!! I just want to tell them how rediculous they look in a nascar t-shirt, cut-off shorts and leather sandals with velcro; but I try not to be a rude bitch for no reason, so I keep to myself.

P.S. I love the Duggars, I don't care how strange they are. I could watch their show all day. I just love it when Michele talks, she's so awesome. Even though I swear like a sailor and pretty much have nothing in common with any of them, I want to be her friend.

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